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Our Canadian immigration services are available worldwide. We can provide you professional advice and help, step by step during your immigration to Canada process.

We provide a online assessment of your eligibility, The evaluation will tell you the chances to obtain depending on your needs a permanent or temporary resident status and thus recommend the programs under which to submit your request.

Our services include full and appropriate package for your needs, multilingual and adapted services to review all required immigration forms, a complete and customized immigration interview preparation and more.

We also offer support services for integration into Canadian life in different ways, we can teach you how to be functional as soon as your arrive in Canada.

Immigration representatives are professionals who offer advice or consultations to immigration visa applicants. Candidates may choose to consult an immigration representative for him to act on their behalf with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Quebec Immigration.

Immigration Consultants | Experts in immigration

According to Immigration Quebec only, the only immigration representatives that have the capacity to require a fee in order to represent you or advise you on immigration and refugee issues with Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or Quebec are immigration consultants, lawyers of Immigration and Quebec notaries: 

  • Immigration consultants are legal members of the ICCRC (Regulation Council consultants in Canada Immigration)
  • Immigration Lawyers are legal members of a Canadian company under provincial or territorial legislation
  • Notaries who are legal members of the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec

The Government of Canada will not deal with unauthorized immigration representatives who charge a fee for their services.

Secure Immigration Services has certified immigration consultants who can represent you with Immigration Canada and Immigration Quebec. Contact us to evaluate your case.

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