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Immigration to Canada Programs

Since January 2015, you have to use Express entry for next programs:

- Skilled Worker Program (Federal);
- Program for skilled trades workers (Federal);
- Canadian experience category;
- As candidate of provinces (only in some cases)

This includes several stages of preparation and verification, Secure Immigration Services is committed to helping you through these steps and taking charge of the whole process.

Immigration to Canada for permanent residence (Federal):

Here are the various available immigration programs

Several options are open to individuals who wish to improve their lives and their futures through coming to Canada, while these programs have their own requirements we take care to determine which of them fits best to your profile. For example:

- Immigration for Skilled Workers: Professionals, engineers, information technology specialists, etc.
- Business Immigration: Investors, entrepreneurs, high net wealth individuals, self-employed, etc.
- Workers skilled trades: Chefs and Cooks / cooks, butchers / butchers, welders, electricians, etc.
- Provincial Nominee Program: These are programs that are implemented by the provinces to meet the needs of their markets and their economic situations;
- Start-Up Visa: those who have the ability to build an innovative company able to support the world market and especially create jobs.
- Family Sponsorship: Husband, spouses, children, etc. Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
- Claims for refugee status: sponsorship; applying from outside or within Canada, etc.
- Canadian Experience Program: People with Canadian work experience.
- Humanitarian considerations (CH) - Canada understands that all cases are not listed in the Act and regalements and there are always exceptions and therefore in these situations it is case by case.
- card for permanent residence - new application or renewal

Business Immigration Program

• Investors (Quebec)
• Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
• Contractors
• Self-employed (Federal or Provincial)

Hearings and Appeals to the IRBC ( Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada):

- Hearings for refugees;
- Detention Review Process;
- Appeals following a refusal of sponsorship;
- Appeals on the determination of permanent residence;
- Individuals without legal status;

Immigration Quebec

- Skilled Workers (Quebec)
- Quebec experience Program
- Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
- Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

Temporary Residence programs:

- Caregiver Program (pathway to permanent residence): 3 different ways available to program with child custody; care for people with high medical needs; Live-in Caregiver Program.
- Super Visa for parents and grandparents: 10 visa with multiple entries.
- Caregiver Program: 3 different ways available to program with child custody; care for people with high medical needs
- Program of temporary foreign workers (TFW): to fill temporary shortages workforces and skill demand.
- Foreign students: to get a Canadian degree in the field of your choice.
- Foreign doctoral program: Complete doctorate in Canada which is a pathway for permanent residence;
- Temporary resident permits (PST) which is given according to the inadmissibility that is applied to you;
- ETC.
- Temporary Resident Visa

- Work Permits
- Study Permits
- Tourist Visas
- Extension status

Work Permit / Work Permit Extensions

If you are an employer and want to hire a foreign worker or have offered a job, Secure Immigration Services will guide you with the different steps to take in obtaining work permits.

For people resident outside of Canada: We will guide the foreign worker, step by step to prepare the work permit.

• Our immigration consultants will help the employer to obtain a favorable LMIA and the worker to get the visa and the work permit.

• A visa application prepared by an immigration professional has much more chance of success. A favorable LMIA gives no guarantee on the visa to enter Canada. We carefully examine the requirements of the Canadian Embassy, ​​which manages requests from the country of origin of the worker, and we ensure that everything is presented in accordance with their guidelines.

For individuals residing in Canada: different types of foreign nationals can apply for a work permit or a change in their current work permit.

• For persons who hold a work permit. : We can help those who have a work permit and who wish to apply for a different offered job. But also, we can help you in extending the work permit for the same position. (Extension of visa work permit or renewal of work permits). The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required before you can apply for renewal of the work permit for the same job or a new job.

• Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The LMIA is a report issued by ESDC / Service Canada after conducting a study on the impact of hiring foreign workers. The employer wishing to hire a foreign worker must obtain a favorable LMIA. If the assessment is positive, Service Canada will issue a document with the conditions of work, the names of hired foreign workers, expiration date, etc.

After a positive opinion (LMIA), the employer will provide the document to the foreign worker to enable them to acquire the visa and / or work permit. The foreign worker will hold the same rights and obligations as any Canadian worker. If the worker is already in Canada, he may renew his work permit.

Secure Immigration Canada can take care of obtaining the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)and the approach to allow the acquisition of work permits and work visas for foreign workers who are outside of Canada or the extension of work permits for those residing in Canada.

There are other possibilities that are not listed, these are just informative, but the best way to determine to which program you must submit your application please complete the form or contact us , we will be happy to guide you as simply and efficiently as possible.

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